Window Replacement 101

August 23, 2013

Do you know when to replace your windows? If you find that:

  • Your energy bill is higher than normal,
  • You notice drafts throughout your home,
  • You have troubles opening or closing your windows,
  • The paint and wood around your windows are rotting/falling apart

Then, it’s time to replace them. Doing this will save you time and money.

As the name states, a window replacement just replaces your old window. It is not the same as the original window, as in, it is built a little bit differently to fit the frame of the old window and can have a completely different look; however, the new window will perform better, keep noises out of your house, save you money and can be safer in the event of an emergency.

The process of replacing windows removes the sash and a few other pieces from the area. The new window will fit into the structure of the original window. Do research before you choose a company to replace your windows. Here at Klein, we would love to talk with you about replacing your old windows and what the full process will entail.