What Does a General Contractor Do?

October 17, 2013

Starting a construction or remodeling project can be a difficult task. Just knowing where to start can be a job in itself. To help with the process, hiring a general contractor is a wonderful idea. They know who the best of the best are in your area. They will oversee and manage a project from start to finish.

Once you have interviewed and hired a general contractor, if necessary, they will obtain bids and hire tradesmen to complete various tasks such as undertaking the carpentry, plumbing, architecture, interior design, and electrical work. Some can work on these jobs themselves, but they might see it best-fit to hire out subcontractors.

If you’re wanting to construct a new remodel project from bottom to top, a general contractor can secure the property and apply for a building permit on your behalf. They can be responsible for providing all of the material, labor, equipment and various services that are essential for the completion of the project. They will manage and oversee the personnel on site and maintain their schedules to make sure the job is completed by the given estimated completion date.

General contractors will make sure the project runs smoothly and that you don’t have to worry or oversee the process alone. Before starting on a new remodeling or construction project, interview several contractors to find the best one. Also, ask for client recommendations to hear their testimonials and ask any questions about the contractor.

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