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Honey Do For Spring

“Honey do”. Those 2 words put together have the tendency to make men squirm in their seats. You know how this works, the wife puts together a list of around-the-home projects they want their husband to work on that should only take "a few hours". Well...

What Does a General Contractor Do?

Starting a construction or remodeling project can be a difficult task. Just knowing where to start can be a job in itself. To help with the process, hiring a general contractor is a wonderful...

How Important is Siding?

When most people think about the siding on their home, they only think of the looks that it brings to the exterior of their house. Did you know that it does so much more than just make your home look beautiful in your neighborhood? It protects against:...

Window Replacement 101

Do you know when to replace your windows? If you find that:
  • Your energy bill is higher than normal,
  • You notice drafts throughout your home,
  • You have troubles opening or closing your windows,
  • The paint and w...

Rights and Options Available with Your Insurance Policies after a Loss:

Insurance companies play an important role in protecting individuals from a total loss when a catastrophe occurs. However, in the chaos following a fire or water damage, insurance policies may be misinterpreted. Despite the turmoil and confusion, it is im...



Klein works with all major insurance companies and can handle all paper work to eliminate any hassle or stress during your restoration process.

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